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Veterans go to war and protect our country so that we can remain free. Yet when they return home to America many times they have no support or place to live. Without the support or a home many have no way to work and therefore, no way to get food.

Veterans Kitchen is looking to change that in Hampton Roads, VA. Created and run by two retired military brothers, Rich Fraser, retired Navy and director and Pete Fraser, retired Army Officer and V.P. These brothers proudly served their country and saw the brave men and women serve alongside of them. When they retired and started to look around the streets of Hampton Roads, a community close to one of the largest military bases in the U.S., they knew that something had to be done about how America was treating and feeding its vets. So, we began Veterans Kitchen, a 501(c)3 non-profit to help homeless veterans in need until they can get back on their feet and find affordable housing and employment.

We partnered with Veteran Affairs and help our veterans when they move into their new home. We provide all kitchen items needed to prepare healthy meals (pots, pans, utensils, storage, cutlery, etc. along with cleaning items, shower curtain and hooks, trash bags, waste basket, paper towels, toilet tissue and various other household items. When we are able we also provided microwaves, crock pots, coffee pots, toaster ovens, gift cards for groceries as our budget would allow.

Veterans Kitchen stands by its motto of, “Restoring Dignity, one Vet at a time”. Because many of these veterans are too proud to ask for the help that the desperately need. They are and will always be soldiers at heart and do not want a charitable hand, even though they truly need it.

By supporting Veterans Kitchen, you are able to help in giving that hand to those who have fought for the freedom of this country. Without them and others like them we would not have the liberties that we have today.

With your help and donation, we can continue to bring hope to these men and women who served in our military. Veterans Kitchen is on a mission to help the homeless Veterans get off the streets and regain the pride that they once felt while fighting for our freedom.

So, help a Veteran today get food, support, and back on their feet in order to live the life they fought for. When Vets return from war they should not start another war for survival. Help Veterans Kitchen stop the war of homeless and hungry Vets.

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